No animals are harmed in the making of Cozyz

Nov 08 , 2021


No animals are harmed in the making of Cozyz

Cozyz is dedicated to provide footwear with remarkable qualities that only organic wool can provide. I am sure at some point you noticed that your body does not sweat at much during hot weather when your clothes are from natural fabrics. On the contrary when you wear synthetics you sweat and smell a lot more. Synthetics lack the amazing qualities of breathability compared to cotton, cashmere, silk or wool. The same holds true for footwear. That's why Cozyz are made from real organic wool.

However, we take it a step further. Leather, real or fake is also not used in our products. Our wool provides so many benefits not only to our customers, but also to the environment and to the animals from which it is sheared. The extensive benefits for sheep can be found on Michigan State University webpage.


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