Cozyz Wooly Benefits

Minimal Global footprint (pun intended)

One of the greatest minimalist fabrics is wool. It’s breathable and warm when it’s dry. Wool can absorb up to one-third of its own weight in water and gives off heat in the process of drying. Wool absorbs sweat immediately and can release it into the air 7 times faster than synthetic materials. (Make sure your felt footwear is real organic wool and not some synthetic knock-off!) Not to put too fine a point on it, but real wool footwear takes time and care to produce. Man-made synthetic fabrics DO NOT possess any of the wicking properties of wool and your feet will immediately feel the difference.

Not only can wool absorb water, it can also release it as well, giving it an antistatic property. Wool footwear is also naturally mildew resistant. It’s a super material that when sheared and collected correctly, won’t need harsh chemicals to process into fabric, thereby minimizing allergic reactions to those harsh chemicals.

Since wool has natural fire-retardant properties, usual chemicals that are used in other footwear materials as fire retardants are not needed. Wool is one of only a few all-natural self-extinguishing fibers; if exposed to fire, it will stop burning once the source of the flame is removed.

To keep up with the simplicity, we design each product to be as simple and functional as possible while adding a sole to it for real-world usability and functionality. This minimalist design makes for the ultimate in comfort and flexibility of use. The footwear is itch-free and Cozy! If worn barefoot some people might feel a slight tingling. These are the natural fibers doing their natural-fiber thing and this tingling actually stimulates your skin and has been reported to aid in stimulating circulation.

Just because our Cozyz take advantage of all of these minimalist properties, doesn’t mean that they sacrifice any comfort.




Wool is a comfortable fabric for everyone, it is often considered by medical professionals to be hypoallergenic, meaning that few people have adverse reactions to the fiber.

Sean Raveai, DPM (Board Certified Podiatrist) says the following:

Keeping your feet warm during the winter months isn’t just important for good foot health and comfort, it’s also important to good overall health. Foot specialists say cold feet can weaken your immune system and can also cause problems with certain health conditions such as diabetes. Wearing appropriate footwear during the winter months, especially when participating in outdoor winter activities, can help prevent sickness and injury.

Most allergic reactions to wool footwear are caused because synthetics are added to the wool or harsh chemicals are used during the manufacturing process. Throughout the Cozyz manufacturing process, we work closely with our suppliers and ensure they use the century-old, proven and natural wool production techniques. We do not import from countries that are known to fudge their certificates or that have a reputation of mixing in synthetics. (They shall remain nameless).

So, Cozyz are itch free and hypoallergenic. Wool absorbs sweat immediately and can wick it into the air seven times faster than synthetic materials. Since Cozyz contain natural wool, please take care and note that lanolin (natural sheep oil) might be present and if you are sensitive and/or allergic to lanolin, please take appropriate measures.

The reason wool is so comfortable, is that each wool hair contains a three-dimensional spiraling crimp that acts like a tiny spring. This inherent springiness is a delight to walk on and have on your feet. Your feet will remain warm during cold weather and cool during warm weather. It’s the best of both worlds!