Is your product really made in Russia?
Answer :
Yes, our shoes really do come from Russia and are hand-made by women and men. who are simply trying to make a living. Every order means that their labor is valued and that they can be proud of their work.
Why are Cozyz shipped in a plastic bag?
Answer :
The answer is like a pair of shoes . The first part is because real organic wool is absolutely yummy to moths and other creatures; therefore, keeping Cozyz in a plastic bag is necessary for transportation. Otherwise it becomes someone's delicious meal. The second part is that we are trying to minimize global footprint for packaging as well. Therefore we are providing a Cozyz storage bag to help protect them when they are not in use for extended periods of time.
Are Cozyz really hand-made?
Answer :
Yes, they are handmade by ordinary people. We use sewing machines, thread, knives and other tools in the production process. All such machines are hand-operated by people, not by computers.
Is your wool dyed?
Answer :
Colors such as Cream and Grey (not Graphite) are made from dye-free wool. These natural colors will not run even if Cozyz get wet. Since there are no Red, Graphite or completely Black sheep running around the green pastures, these colors are dyed. Just like when doing laundry, these dyes can run if Cozyz are soaked.
Is there a recommended way to break-in my Cozyz?
Answer :
Cozyz are made from real organic wool that has incredible and wonderful properties. During the first couple of times you wear your Cozyz footwear, we recommend you do so barefoot. This helps to break them in by wicking your sweat and allowing the fibers to expand or contract around your foot. The tingling sensation experienced by some is normal and actually folk-lore suggests that it helps to stimulate circulation.
Can I be allergic to Cozyz?
Answer :
Since we are not doctors we will not dispense with any medical advice. The long-standing belief that everyone is allergic to wool actually seems to stem from cheaply made wool products (or even synthetic copies of wool) in which harsh chemicals are used as cleaning agents, or if the worst and most coarse wool fibers are used in garment production. Rest assured, Cozyz are made from very fine wool and cheap harsh chemicals are not used as part of our production. Please follow to read more on the latest research and lack of allergies to wool.
What are the shipping charges?
Answer :
Shipping within the Continental United States is FREE. There is a handling charge for Mexico and Canada because clearance and duties paperwork have to be filled out.
How come there is a Sales TAX charge on my Cozyz orrder?
USA has implemented a sales tax once a certain amount of sales has been made in a State even if the product is shipped from out-of-state. We are following US federal and State laws and therefore certain orders might contain a Sales Tax.
What is the recommended process for cleaning my Cozyz?
1. One of wool's unique properties is natural self-cleaning. For small dirt particles, simply let your Cozyz rest and you might be pleasantly surprised at the results.
2. For stains we suggest you use a soft brush, a ight wet cloth and wool soap. The process might need to be repeated several times. Remember to make sure your Cozyz are completely dry (do not use a dryer or a fan, but only air dry) before starting the process over, or before wearing them again.
3. For dry particles, vacuuming or blowing air on your Cozyz will often do the trick on the wool parts. EVA soles can be brushed and cleaned with a brush or non-harsh soaps/detergents.
5. Please be careful –EVA soles under certain conditions can be slippery.
6. Cozyz are made from natural wool and some fibers can shed for the first few weeks. This is a normal part of wool footwear adjusting to your foot. Feel free to pick off these loose fibers and discard them if so desired.
What is the proper way to deodorize my Cozyz?
Another amazing property of wool footwear is odor-resistance. However, odor-resistance is not odor-proof so we recommend that you use organic deodorants. Our favorite are Baking Soda, Rubbing Alcohol and White Vinegar.
Baking soda is one of the best deodorants for your Cozyz. Simply sprinkle it inside and leave it in overnight. Just don't forget to dump everything out in the morning.
Rubbing alcohol is great at killing odor causing bacteria. Dampen a cloth and proceed to wipe the inside of your Cozyz. Focus on the toe and heel areas. The great thing about rubbing alcohol is that it evaporates quickly so you can slip into your Cozyz in quick fashion.
Using White Vinegar on your Cozyz is similar to using Rubbing Alcohol above. AVOID apple cider or balsamic vinegar as they can stain the wool.