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Cozyz Founder

We are a US company incorporated in WY. I am the founder and an immigrant from the Former Soviet Union and I am striving to bring something that has been worked in the Cold Arctic winters in Russia to North America. While visiting my ancestral homeland (Russia) I saw the traditional Valenki being sold by an elderly woman by the side of the road. Her government pension alone was not enough to live on, so she would embroider traditional valenki by hand and sell them to make ends meet. Her courage and entrepreneurial spirit had a profound effect on me and I had frequently worn traditional Russian Valenki when I was a kid. While they were warm, they were not in the least comfortable and the fact that they had no sole meant that over time the moisture would seep in from the bottom. This was a great organic product, but it drastically needed to be improved and brought into the modern world. That’s why I set out to find a designer and an engineer to aid me to create a product that did not lose the benefits of wool shoes while bringing modern expertise to make what we now call Cozyz!

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Cozyz Products
How Cozyz Are Made

How Cozyz Are Made


The whole concept of Cozyz is based around Organic Wool. It is first sheared from sheep, goats, llamas, or other animals that require regular hair-cuts. It is then washed, cleaned and combed into usable wool cloth. Cozyz use wool (or sometimes called felt) that is 5-7 mm thick to ensure that our footwear will be durable while maintaining it’s cozy warming qualities in the winter and cooling properties in the summer. It truly is amazing how Organic Wool can achieve such contrasting qualities.

The wool felt is then cut to proper size and then sewn to a modern EVA sole. The sole makes the felt footwear much more comfortable and slip resistant. Cozyz are designed to be worn with or without socks and there are rumors that the tingling sensation actually aids in stimulating circulation.

Modern & Comfortable

Cozyz are made by ordinary women and men in Russia. Some aspects of our shoes are done entirely by hand, while others are aided with tools such as sewing machines and glue heaters. The EVA sole (abbreviation for ethylene-vinyl acetate), describes a sole construction with special shock-absorbing properties. It's a light and qualitative elastic material that provides premium cushioning and is known as the best shock-absorbing material on the market today. It comes in sheets and we use press cutting machines to cut out properly sized soles for your shoes. The sole is then fortified with a dense bottom layer that adds durability and makes them effective not only on soft surfaces (such as snow) but also on paved roads. This added durability and with proper care will make your Cozyz booties last much longer.

Cozyz Mission

Bring traditional wisdom into 21st Century. Cozyz is taking an organic product that has for centuries proven its unique properties and has redesigned it to make it more comfortable and usable in the modern world.

01. Cozyz Outdoor Collection

Cozyz Valeshi Booties and Cozyz Seasonal Booties are a great way to feel the benefits of Organic Footwear and it's benefits just in time for the season.

02. Cozyz Indoor Collection

Cozyz Slippers are perfect for any indoor use, and their sole provides comfort and traction. Cozyz Chunis are a unique fusion of slipper and socks and you will love their versatility.

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