Cozyz ship from US, and ship for free

Dec 01 , 2021


Cozyz ship from US, and ship for free

All Cozyz inventory is in the USA. It ships for free domestically.

With the onset of December, Cozyz Valeshi Booties are the perfect footwear for snow. They keep your feet incredibly warm and the organic fibers allow wick the moisture away. Your feet will feel the Organic difference.

For your home, we are happy to provide two different Cozyz models: Cozyz Chunis and Cozyz Slippers. They are specifically designed to be worn barefoot and have been rumored to have some health benefits.

The reason wool is so comfortable, is that each wool hair contains a three-dimensional spiraling crimp that acts like a tiny spring. This inherent springiness is a delight to walk on and have on your feet. Your feet will remain warm during cold weather and cool during warm weather. It’s the best of both worlds!

Cozyz Chunis wrap your feet in Organic wool. Too many people have gone flying down hardwood or laminate stairs, so that's why we have been designed with a slip-resistant EVA sole.

Cozyz Slippers also provide our EVA sole for slip resistance. Not only do they minimize Organic Wool waste by maximizing left-over cuts, but they have been specifically designed for ease of usability. Simply slip your feet into them and you will no longer dread that cold tile feel on your feet. 

Make sure to Check out our Organic Promise as well as what some foot-doctors are saying about the health Benefits of keeping your feet warm and Cozy.


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