Cozyz Organic Wool Footwear are inbound from Russia

Nov 02 , 2021


Cozyz Organic Wool Footwear are inbound from Russia

The holiday season will be soon upon us and we at Cozyz are working hard to make sure that the Global Supply Chain issues have the least possible effect on our product. Multiple delays have affected us at every turn; nonetheless, we have rerouted our container delivery to bypass the problem ports and are very hopeful that the Grand Opening will commence as planned, before Thanksgiving holidays. 

We have done everything in our control to ensure that our limited line of Christmas-Themed Cozyz Valeshi Booties make it under your Christmas Tree on time. The unique embroidered designs of Santa, Christmas Tree and Rudolph aim to bring the tradition of footwear decorating into this Holiday Season. 

We believe that Cozyz organic footwear Valeshi Booties are uniquely suited for the winter months to ensure that your feet stay warm and cozy. While our Cozyz Chuni and Cozyz Slippers will keep your feet warm at home.

Keeping your feet warm is recommended by pediatrists and can provide numerous health benefits in the long run. Visit our Cozyz Wooly Benefits page to learn more about the health benefits and about the Cozyz Minimal Global Footprint approach to footwear.


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